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Combat Wing Tsun

Sifu Jawed Niazi

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Sifu Jawed Niazi


Sifu Jawed Niazi began his martial arts career in 1986.  Prior and during to training and teaching Combat Wing Tsun Kung Fu he trained in many different martial arts styles like,  Boxing, Kick Boxing, Muay Thai, Sambo, Wrestling and MMA. In 1997 he started his Wing Tsun studies. Sifu Jawed is absolutely fascinated about all kind of martial arts.


When discovered Wing Tsun (WT) he found the philosophy of WT very attractive and he still feels confident in the traditions and techniques of different directions.


It was always hard for him to stop with martial arts once he started with. Therefore, he trained for many years at 2 or 3  martial arts forms simultaneously. When he started with Wing Tsun, he also trained on his kick Boxing, Boxing and Muay Thai. In 2001 he gave up all other martial arts and trained from then on at Wing Tsun only. The reason for the cessation of martial arts was his architecture studies at the University of Kassel, Germany. Even the Wing Tsun training suffered for few months from University stress.


In 2009, Sifu separated himself and his schools from all type of Wing Tsun associations to develop both his and his students unfettered. In the same year following the incorporation of the COMBAT WING TSUN INTERNATIONAL (CWTI). CWTI was established on the one hand to create something of his own and on the other hand as mentioned above to improve oneself. Today CWTI is a possible alternative to the substantial associations of Wing Tsun Kung Fu, at the same time it is a new perspective for many martial artists who are disappointed with their progress and knowledge gained in their former associations and teachers.


Sifu Jawed studied Wing Tsun from many masters and grandmasters of different styles of Wing Tsun, Ving Chun, Wing Chun. In 2010 he received his master title in Combat Wing Tsun Kung Fu.

Since 2012 Sifu Jawed and his team of instructors are working hard to refine the programs and techniques of CWTI and to develop the quality and standards of CWTI. Sifu places great emphasis on the simplicity and effectiveness in the development of techniques. The traditional techniques and movement are very near and dear to Sifu, he always tries to keep with tradition in the techniques and movements while he is developing the martial arts.


Sifu Jawed has to the present day inspired many martial artists to join the Combat Wing Tsun, his goal is to teach his students with great conscience.