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Wing Tsun for women


If you ask a woman what she would do if she has to defend herself against a male opponent. She answers simply and directly like Combat Wing Tsun "kick him where it hurts". But to defend in this way is not always possible. Kicking requires standing on one leg which in a real life situation is not always recommended. Because men (the most common opponents of a woman) do not punch a woman down, they grab and wrestle her to the ground.


It is true that women are potentially the most common victims of an attack, and the least likely to engage in a possible conflict. Feeling helpless and scared in this situation will incapacitate a person, taking away their ability to defend themselves, and leave them at the mercy of their attacker. Unfortunately in a real life situation there isn’t any kind of help, and so the person is on their own.


The Martial Art Wing Tsun has been invented and further developed by women named Ng Mui in its formulative years. She developed a style to defend herself against stronger male opponents. As the history of Wing Tsun says that the student (a woman named WING TSUN) had to defend herself against stronger opponents successfully. It is irrelevant if this is true or not. The matter is the efficiency of the style today. And Combat Wing Tsun is one of the most efficient ways to learn how to defend, get fit and be healthy.


Women pick up Wing Tsun faster than men. They tend to be less competitive in the way they use their strength. Women are better able to 'feel' the intention in Chi-Sao (sticky hands) sessions. Women are able to generate tremendous force behind their strikes. Women are more relaxed than men, which gives them an advantage when learning WingTsun.



CWTI Street-Combat

Self-defence situations for men and women are usually different. A major difference is the potential aggressor and a woman is more likely to be fighting for her life or dignity and a man for his health or ego. CWTI Street-Combat offers the right strategy of defence for men and women in any kind of dangerous situation. And where possible end a dangerous situation peacefully. If not Combat Wing Tsun techniques can be used to end the conflict quickly and efficiently.


Street-Combat is a system which has been developed for people who are for example scared to walk in darkness through parks, streets, and parking areas.Unfortunatly this is the reality of life where danger is always around. CWTI Street-Combat is analysed and tested in many different situations.


The Street-Combat classes in CWTI gives you the motivation to defend yourself in all situation of a personal nature (for example: sexist-jokes or lewd comments…). Street-Combat is the perfect frontline defence against danger.


You will be able to develop a new feeling with CWTI´s natural movements for your body. In role-play you will find out that CWTI provides a solution for any conflict situation.



The classes

CWTI offers mixed-classes (men and women) and also women only classes.


In women only classes, you will learn all aspects of Street-Combat. What to do in any kind of situation. We (Combat Wing Tsun Ireland) teach you to defend yourself without the need to use or to have alot of power.


As most attackers will attempt to grab and hold or wrestle a person down and not throw a clean punch, we teach men to use their body more efficiently to generate power in a strike and women are no different. We have found that women certainly do not lack strength but they do tend to use their strength differently.


We teach using mixed classes. The advantage of a mixed class is the realistic simulation with men and women, so that you can trust your CWTI knowledge by training with a stronger opponent as a training-partner. Both mixed and women only classes are available. It is possible to join at anytime.


The real life situation training of CWTI gives you the ability to use your self-defence knowledge succesfully if you have to. You will stop an attacker before they start.

The training atmosphere in all our classes, also in Street-Combat is friendly, disciplined and relaxed.



Benefits of CWTI Training for women

With us you will learn the best form of self-defence that has ever been developed. The Fitness aspect is also very high in our training. In our classes you will train, develop reactions, reflexes, opponent controlling, concentration, and relaxation. A relaxed mind and training will provide further health benefits. You will meet fun people, will have fun with benefits to your health.


See you at Training!

Your CWTI Team