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Combat Wing Tsun

Sifu Jawed Niazi

CWTI International Team


Combat Wing Tsun Training


Women, men of all ages, kids and juniors are train with like-minded people in a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere.


Combat Wing Tsun is one of the oldest and most effective forms of self-defence and self-assertion. Fitness, health, self-confidence development and general well-being are important foundations of our classes. You have the opportunity to take part in 2 free of charge classes. Thus you can visualize our rooms, training concept, training atmosphere as well as the instructor team. In a personal call we will answer all of your questions with pleasure and explain to you the different possibilities of general training, private lessons, group lessons, etc…


At the begin of Combat Wing Tsun studies you will learn the simplest techniques of self-defence, e.g., against clinching, throwing, heaving, grabbing and the defence against the "most common" used attacks.  You will learn how to attack and defend, at the same time you will learn to judge the situation you are into.


Upon this follows further technique such as learning correct timing to be able to adapt yourself to the reactions of the aggressor. Gradually with your new skills you will use the force of your opponent against himself. With a lot of practice your body and soul will assimilate the new skills.


Combat Wing Tsun will encourage everyone individuality, in this way everyone will be encouraged by his own way. Through new added self-confident and new learned skills many of our participant are living the so called “victimhood”. Through the new self-assertion they will undergo a change and will have more success in everyday life.


We have all all-season classes and it is possible to join us at any time. Our instructor team has many years of experience in Combat Wing Tsun and other styles of martial arts. Our training quality is very high standard, which are proved, controlled and developed periodically by Master Jawed Niazi.


Next to poblic classes we offer classes for companies, schools. playschools. We offer safety classes for Poclice (Garda), security officals, security teams and doormen. Please contact us for any further informations. We will answer all your question in a counseling interview (free of charge) then we will prepare the most adapted offer.


Your welcome to use our contact form. Therefor please select the “contact us” page and use the given form.


We are looking forward to see you soon at our classes.


Your CWTI-Team

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