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Combat Wing Tsun

Sifu Jawed Niazi

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The History of Wing Tsun


Combat Wing Tsun (written also as WingTsun®, Wing Chun, Ving Chun, etc..) is pure approach to selfdefence with roots from 300 to over 2000 years in China. Many different legends and narratives are existing about the origin of this martial art. Unfortunately we don’t know which one is correct. There is no proven evidence to support it. We just know that WT is passed from generation to generation by just to few people. Principally was this martial art taught theoretically and practically from teacher to students, as opposed to writing or documentation.


Grandmaster Yip Man opened one of the first Wing Tsun clubs in Hong Kong, but he taught the Chinese only. The first Kung Fu club which taught people from western countries was the Kung Fu institute of Hollywood super star Bruce Lee in Seattle in USA.


Yip Man was held in high esteem by many different masters of Wing Tsun and other styles of Kung Fu. However there was and is a lot of conjecture about the origin of his Wing Tsun knowledge.

There are 3 Hong Kong movies about Yip Man, the emergence of his first club and the origin of his knowledge. Please select here for more information’s about those films.


      Ip Man (Hong Kong 2008) starring Danie Yen as Yip Man


      Ip Man II (Hong Kong 2010) starring Danie Yen as Yip Man


      Ip Man Zero (Hong Kong 2010) starring Yu Hang To as Yip Man


Grandmaster Yip Man died in 1972 in Hong Kong. Posthumously Wing Tsun spread all over the world through his sons, students and their students. In Europe and America was Wing Tsun spread through Grandmaster Leung Ting, Grandmaster Keith Ronald Kernspecht and Grandmaster Emin Boztepe.


The Combat Wing Tsun Organisation was established in 2009 by Master Jawed Niazi in Ireland. We are working hard to open clubs in Germany too.


Combat Wing Tsun is in 2 fields articulated. First into Fight and secound into Force. Every principles could be interpreted in different ways. We are going to explain both fields in the relationship with self-defence.

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