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Combat Wing Tsun

Sifu Jawed Niazi

CWTI International Team


What is Combat Wing Tsun?


Combat Wing Tsun is a Chinese martial art and pure self-defence. Through Wing Tsun you can build in conflict situations on your feelings and your skills. Both aspects are very important in Combat Wing Tsun training. The training aims to provide you with a "new" body feeling, so that you can relax in a worried situation and concentrate on your skills.


Combat Wing Tsun is based on unique principles, which are learned through concentration, constant practicing and the deliberate to let it grow into you.


Combat Wing Tsun maintains many exercises and few forms. You will not waste your valuable time to learn many unnecessary forms. Instead, you practice to your abilities acquired anew. The exercises are very simple and natural and the forms are short. All exercises are based on each other.


Combat Wing Tsun is non-violent. Wing Tsun participant should be able to de-escalate a conflict situation and therefore make a contribution to a non-violent society. However, unfortunately, there are some situations where self-defence is unavoidable and then the Wing Tsun user should pay attention to the reasonableness. We emphasise a proportional response to the given situation.


Combat Wing Tsun is not limited by age and strength. Young or old, healthy or physically handicapped can practice Wing Tsun.

Through Combat Wing Tsun a person with low confidence will be able to leave so-called "victimhood" and achieve more success in the life through the new knowledge and abilities acquired.

What is Combat Wing Tsun?


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