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Kung Fu Fit (KFF)


What is Kung Fu Fit?

KFF is a form of fitness and acrobatics that has nothing to do with fighting. It

Incorporates various different styles of Kung Fu with the aim of providing the

most effective and comprehensive results possible.


Who can take part?

Anyone from 5 years upwards can practice KFF. Both men and women, old and young, everybody is welcome. Although we train together, each individual will also be encouraged to train and push themselves to access their capabilities. The coach will pay special attention to each individual to make certain that everyone works to their limit but does not overdo it. We show special consideration for weak and injured participants and can devise and provide training to tailor to the specific needs of the individual.


What are the benefits of KFF?

Among others, you will be able to achieve the following advantages with our training



KFF is a modern approach to fitness with traditional movements from Chinese Kung Fu. Sifu Jawed developed the training from different exercises taken from different Kung Fu forms. It consists of exercises from the following Kung Fu forms:


KFF helps its participants to lose weight, get fit and maximize conditioning. It is tailored specifically to your own body weight.



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