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Kids Kung Fu (KKF)

Equip your child for life with Combat Wing Tsun Kung Fu Kids classes!

We teach our Kids Kung Fu class participant values ​​such as discipline, mutual respect, appreciation and the courage to say no to violence. We show them how to help themselves and how to motivate others to help oneself and those, who need help.

We all have the right to be secure and safe, especially our children.

If your child is attacked by a stronger, bigger or older aggressor, will your child know what to do?

Many children do not defend themselves when confronted by a bigger and stronger aggressor(s). Lots of children do not know what to do when they are under pressure? Outside home, especially at school, children today are increasingly faced with uncomfortable and sometimes threatening situations. It‘s a reality they must deal with in the midst of studying and trying to receive a good education.


If your child is not confident, strong enough to defend itself or if your child is not disciplined and has no sense of appreciation then we can help them with our classes. Through our classes, they will be motivated and will take responsibility for themselves and others. The participant will learn through games and violence prevention to be more confident and avoid becoming the victim of bulling. Thus they will be able to acquire a non-violent approach to everyday behavior.


Our classes includes, inter alia:


Through the appropriate exercises for children (e.g. agility, speed, strength, flexibility and endurance), children learn to deal with their own aggression ("child aggression").
In addition to the above benefits of our classes, it provides an optimal self-defence for children. The children are trained to deal with their strength and their abilities.


We promote fairness in our classes, we DO NOT BEAT UP our participant. Much more importantly, we build with the participants a very friendly but strict confidence. Fun is also an important and integral part of our classes.


You will always be welcome to visit our classes at any stage while your child is training. You also have the opportunity to watch the training always or occasionally. Let your child participate in two free of charge classes and we will answer all your questions personally.

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