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We offer different courses according to interest, level of knowledge, requirement and the capability of our participants. In the following we present all of our courses. It is possible to join our classes/courses at any time.


Wing Tsun

Wing Tsun is a traditional Chinese martial arts, which is offered and taught in different forms world wide.  詠春 is translated into English in several ways; Wing Tsun, Ving Tsun, Ving Chun, Wing Chun, etc… These different translations also denote the diverse approaches to this Martial Art. Some emphasize fast movement, other emphasise body structure and body mechanics, others theory and philosophy and others applications.

With Wing Tsun you will train your body and mind.

Combat Wing Tsun stands for high standard and high quality in close combat. Furthermore the Combat Wing Tsun Team is eager to develop the martial art to meet todays needs.


Kung Fu Fit

KFF is a modern way of the finesse. KFF helps the participants to lose weight, get fit and is a great workout. It is practiced exclusively with own body and it uses technique from many different Martial Arts.


Kids Kung Fu

Kids Kung Fu is Wing Tsun training for children and juniors. K.K.F is designed to give kids and juniors abilities in self-assertion, self-confidence and prevention of violence.










Wing Tsun

Kung Fu Fit

Kids Kung Fu












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