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IP-MAN Zero (the legend is born) 葉問


Original title: Yip Man Chin Chyun

Genre: Achtion, Martial Arts

Hong Kong (2010)



Dennis To (Ip Man)

Sammo Hung (Cham Wah Shun)

Yuen Biao (Ng Chun-Siu)

Yip Chun (Leung Bik)

Siu-Wong Fan (Ip Tin Chi)


The movie " Ip Man " caused a sensation in 2008. Director Wilson Yip has memorialized the legend of Grand Master Yip Man. The second part of Ip Man continued the success story accordingly. In 2010


Had the director Herman Yau taken on the task to show the early years of G. M. Yip Man.


The story begins in Foshan in 1905. The junior Yip Man (in the film as Ip Man) is sent along with his adopted brother Yip Tin Chi to the classes of martial arts master Chan Wah Shun (played by Sammo Hung ) . Both are trained in the traditional art of Wing Tsun. When the master dies suddenly, his oldest student and assistant Ng Chun-Siu (played by Yuen Biao) takes over school. He teaches in the same style as the old master. One day, the paths of two brothers separated. Yip Man travels to Hong Kong to study and Yip Tin remains at the school, to attain high office in Foshan. In Hong Kong, Yip Man meets Leung Bik (played by G.M. Yip Chun, the son of the real G. M. Yip Man). Yip man studies through him in the completely modernized techniques of Wing Tsun. When he returns to Foshan, he meets with his new techniques to encounter resistance. His master does not want any new techniques and finds it inappropriate. While no one disputes noted that the Japanese have now placed a traitor in Foshan, there to gain more power.

"Yip Man Zero" is actually the logical consequence of the previous two. Through the first two films you know a lot about the martial arts legend. Now the third part of the series is about the early years of Yip Mans life. Here are great actors such as Sammo Hung and Yuen Biao starring the masters of Yip Man. We notice that the cast is top notch again. As if that were not enough but plays Yip Chun, the son of the real Yip Man, also a major role in this story. Yip Man, however, is played by Dennis To, who hitherto youngest martial arts world champion ever. Through this amazing cast the story told here is reacted really top notch.


Now we come to the fight scenes. In contrast to the two predecessors, these are more in the background here. In addition, they are also implemented a little loveless. If you have seen a fight then you also know how the others will run about. This is a bit of a shame, because if there is already a few fights, then they should walk properly in all cases. Worth mentioning, however, are again the setting and the soundtrack. You can feel in every corner of ancient China and is really completely drawn in by watching this older world. This really is amazing what has been done here. Typical Asian melodies sweeten a spectating and comfort at the lack of spectacular fights away. The story comes to it all very good and exactly what it is so, what is in the foreground here.

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