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We offer our members classes (courses) in Wing Tsun, MMA and Fitness.

Since our foundation in 2008, Combat Wing Tsun International (CWTI) is a byword for quality in self-defence, self-assertion and Martial Arts. All CWTI clubs are offering effective and modern self-defence method with tradition technique.


All of our instructors are taught at regular intervals by the founder of CWTI Master Jawed Niazi, to be able to impart a responsible-minded and effective self-defence and self-assertion class. None of our instructors are trained within few weeks or months. It requires many years of practice to keep up with the high quality and high standard of CWTI.


            "A real-life situation is not about the world cup or world ranking fights, it is just about to survival. This fact does not allow a self-defence coach to make a self-defence technique beautiful or artistic. Self-defence technique must be simple, effective and applicable. This is the only way to help out those, who are in a dangerous situation and left to themselves and the aggression of the opponent."

                                                                                  Master Jawed Niazi founder of CWTI


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