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Sifu Jawed Niazi

CWTI International Team


Irish instructors and assistant instructors


Sisuk Joe Keane 1st TG (2nd TG applicant)




I started my romance with Wing Tsun nearly 20 years ago when I was introduced to it by Mike Clifford, who had learned the art in England under Sifu Simon Lau. The exercises and economy of movement appealed to me straight away, as I had just got back on my feet from a bad bout of cancer. Gentle exercise along with practising the form Siu Nim Tau gradually built up my muscles that had been emaciated by the disease…Oh! The by product was that it also taught me how to ‘kick ass.’

The Tralee school of Wing Tsun came to my notice when I was reading a local newspaper and I see a photo of this guy (Jawed) outlining the circumstances of a fight he had witnessed. He commented on how the guy in question would have benefited greatly if he had taken up Wing Tsun – rather than the unfortunate outcome that he met…a severe kicking!


I have been with Sihing Jawed for over a year now and have learned far more than I did 20 years ago. He has brought me along the road to SL 9 through encouragement and coaching when I doubted myself. His style of teaching and his total commitment to both the technique and philosophy of Wing Tsun is very special indeed. He may call himself Sihing…but he’ll always be Sifu to me.

Joe Keane (instructor since 2009)




Sisuk John Hurley 1st TG (2nd TG applicant)


I came accross WingTsun many years ago while I was a student of Shotokan karate. I had a subscription to Combat magazine where I read about Ip Man, Leung Ting, Bruce Lee etc and this martial art famed for its practial effectiveness in physical confrontations. I was intrigued. More recently I began to view some of the material on youtube and tried to teach myself some of the basic techniques. This approach however did not get me very far and I realised that a martial art that uses the opponents own strength as a weapon to defeat him could not be learned this way.

I was very suprised to find that the solution to this situation had been there all along given that there were Wing Tsun classes available in my area.I begun attending classes first with Sisuk Lukas Dulka and later with Sifu Jawed Niazi. I was immediately impressed by the high level of skill of the instructors, the practical approach to self defence, and the friendly and relaxed atmosphere in which the training was conduted. Being eager to learn as quickly as possible I begun to get private lesson from Sifu Jawed and have found them an excellent way to progress. WingTsun is a highly efficent scientific method of selfdefence and also a practical philosophy that improves your physical and mental wellbeing. I recommend it to everyone.

John Hurley (instructor since 2011)



Aleksandars Beliauskas 12th SG (1st TG applicant)



I started my journey in martial arts since I was 12 years old. I practiced many different styles of martial arts before and during my Wing Tsun studies. Among others I practiced Pancration (mma), Wu Shu Chan Quan, Shaolin Kung Fu and Vietnamese Niat Niam.


With Wing Tsun I found the martial art, which I was looking for all the time. It is a clear understanding of to win by using the knowledge you have instead of trying to win through rude force. I believe that I will be able to use my knowledge and techniques even in older age, as the techniques of WT doesn’t require big amount of force and energy for its practitioners.


I hope that everyone find something useful for himself at WT classes. It is really a good way of having fun, find new friends and learn how to protect yourself and your family if there is need for.


I wish every participant of WT best of luck in the very interesting way of one of the greatest styles of Chinese Kung Fu.

Aleksandras Beliauskas (instructor since 2013)



Aidan O'Shea 12th SG (1st TG applicant)


Hiya guys,

my name is Aidan. I have been doing Wing Tsun since August 2009 with Sifu Jawed. I always wanted to do Martial Arts but never find the class time which would suite me as I am working Afternoon till late night. Through a friend I found out about the morning classes of CWTI in Tralee and I give it a go. I found the principles of Wing Tsun use full for everyday life. I wanted to figure out more, how I would be able to use this philosophy to improve my life and the life of those around me. After short period of time I found out that my confidence is getting bigger to face the verbal conflicts in everyday life. These has been an important reasons to keep at this Martial Arts.

The style of combat training in Wing Tsun I really enjoy as it is straight to the point, it is quick and effective. We know that the real life situation is no competition of 3 minutes each round; with Wing Tsun I am able to neutralize my opponent in a matter of seconds.

The atmosphere in our clubs are friendly and.............

Aidan O'Shea (instructor since 2012)

Sifu Jawed Niazi


CWTI - International Team