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Combat Wing Tsun International


When and who founded the CWTI?
CWTI was founded in 2009 by Master Jawed Niazi.

What does CWTI offer?
All CWTI clubs are providers of effective and modern self-defence with traditional principals. CWTI offers its members reasonable and appropriable martial arts classes.


What represents/recognise CWTI?

There are an estimated of over 200 Wing Tsun organisations worldwide. Our goal is not to show up in these lists, but rather we are concerned about modern and usefully (more suitably for reality) self-defence. Master Jawed Niazi (the founder of CWTI) was a member of large and small associations of Wing Tsun.

"It was noted repeatedly that the organisations mainly distinguished from each other by the names and some basic techniques."

                                               Master Jawed Niazi, September 2009

Right here CWTI tackles and is mainly focused on its classes in the self-defense. The effectiveness and applicability of the techniques comes first. Wing Tsun was established to help those who do not know, how to defend themselves, and we want to return to the roots of Wing Tsun utilising modern and current approaches and responsibility.


What is with theory and philosophy of WT?

We will not abandon the traditions, philosophy and theory of our martial art knowing Wing Tsun is based on them. We practice forms and steps just like all the other clubs of Wing Tsun. Nevertheless, they are, in contrast to many Wing Tsun schools or organisations worldwide, not the main focus of our training.


What tasks are dedicated to the CWTI instructor team internally?


What tasks and conditions are expected CWTI of its participants?

We value and expect from our participants as mentioned above a respectful interaction with each other, responsible action and fairness.

People who are not complying with the points we mentioned above and are selfish and not socialized (thugs), are not welcome in our organisation. In this case we ask them to spare us their visit.

As everyone deserves a second chance, if anyone wants to start all over again we bid him/her welcome to our classes.


How good is the quality of training at CWTI?

The training quality of CWTI is since its foundation very high, as the founder of CWTI master Jawed Niazi personally place a great value on it. Each one of our participants enjoys the same quality of training at all of our clubs as master Jawed Niazi reviewed and developed them constantly further. Every year, several tests are held, so that all students and instructors have the opportunity to expand their skills and to compare their knowledge. Master Jawed Niazi visits all schools periodically for quality assurance and adapting technique to the current requirements.


Are there different graduations in CWTI?
Yes, it is divided into three areas
1 student’s grade
2 technician’s Grade
3 Master’s degree


How long does take each phase (student, technician and master phase)?
In general, an elderly person can’t practice as often and as intensively as a teenager. Likewise, anyone who practice's hard and regularly attends the classes will be developed the best. Therefore, of course, it all depends on the duration of the individual phases of the degree of workouts per week, diligence level, health level and fitness level. Of course, the "martial arts understanding" of each person can play a major role. In general we have up to 4 grading per year in anyone of our clubs. So everyone has the opportunity to do the grading. A grading is necessary for the advancement.


Which type of equipment dose CWTI clubs provide?

We differentiate between premises which are rented by ourselves and spaces in which we only offer courses. Our training rooms are designed according to the requirements of a modern training zone. The equipment is made ​​available to our participant’s. These are:


Does CWTI provide training equipment and training wear?

We supply all our clubs with training wear and training equipment. We also offer our equipment to the independent clubs, who are not members of CWTI and are financially incapable of procuring the equipment.


How is the relationship between CWTI and other martial arts organizations?
We are in a collegial exchange and respectful interaction with other martial arts organizations, instructors and institutions.

We offer our knowledge especially to those (instructors, clubs) which are stuck and can’t get forward with their martial arts studies. Whether by a Wing Tsun training or general training session.


Is it possible for a club or instructor to join CWTI?

Of course, everyone can join CWTI, they just have to deal and adapt to our philosophy and theory. To this end, we invite them to participate or to view our training. In addition, it is advisable to have a one-to-one talk.
Unfortunately, there are many former Wing Tsun students and instructors who have been treated unfairly by their organisations or poorly trained. These martial artists are very disappointed and this is pretty much rightly so. We welcome these martial artists to give us a chance. Our slogan is, “give us a go”!

Sifu Jawed Niazi


CWTI - International Team