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7 Gründe für die Kids Kung Fu



7 Gründe für die Kids Kung Fu


1. One of the most common reason for a child into a "Kid-Kung Fu” class is fitness, just like adults. Wing Tsun Kung-Fu can help improve cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, balance, strength, motivation, relaxation, and energy levels over all.


2. Developing "life skills" are also a popular reason for enrolling children in the "Kid-Kung Fu” class. These skills include discipline, self-control, patience, confidence, courage etc.


3. Some parents are looking for help, respect, demeanor and self-control because those children are misbehaving in school and at home… The structure of our classes will help in this respect also. We are firm but friendly and have a good method of communicating with the children.


4. We give our best to make the classes a second home for the child. The relationship between the classmates and the instructor can last a lifetime and have a huge positive impact on the child.


5. The self-defence aspect is very important in our "Kid-Kung Fu" classes. Wing Tsun Kung-Fu is the best form of self-defence. Our focus is to teach our students self-defence movements and at the same time also conflict resolution, personal responsibility and avoidance.


6. Our students learn to respect others. At the same time they learn through role plays how to calm a situation or defend oneself or even help others if needs be. They can also help friends who may be insecure and/or being bullied by recommending they join the class. We all know someone!


7. With non-verbal communication, you show if you are a potential victim or if people better leave you alone. The best self-defence is to prevent the attack in advance by showing certain signals. To show these signals, you have to have the practice and the certainty that you are capable of defending yourself in the end.










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